To date Leo Meier has photographed over 30 books, many of which necessitated epic journeys into some of the world’s most remote regions. In addition he has contributed to many world wide books and publications such as GEO, BBC, Focus, National Geographic, etc.

Leo Meier participated in an expedition to the wilderness of the Philippines island of Palawan and led a film crew through China for the production of a book and TV documentary about the Chinese revolutionary army under Mao Tse Tung.

In 1989 the Australian Government presented a collection of Leo Meier’s work to the people of France to help celebrate the bicentenary of the French revolution.

Leo’s expertise spans more than 30 years and covers photography, printing, graphic arts, design, digital imaging and publishing. He has designed and built a large array of unique and specialised equipment, culminating in the production of a world-first large format panorama camera.

Leo’s collection of photographs is filed with the Corbis Picture Library and worldwide affiliated photo agencies.

Other involvements include:

  1. BulletChief photographer, National Parks and Wildlife Service.

  2. BulletManager of Photographic Unit, University of NSW.

  3. BulletCo-founder and teacher at Fixed Images Photography School, Sydney.

  4. BulletPhotography teacher, Australian Centre for Photography.

  5. BulletPhotography seminars for many institutions such as the Australian Museum.

  6. BulletMember of judging panel, Sydney International Exhibition of Photography.

  7. BulletMember of the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration.

  8. BulletPart time photography teacher, TAFE (Technical and Further Education)

  9. BulletPhotography courses and workshops.

  10. BulletExhibitions.