Founder and director of Creative Activities (CRAC) Pty Ltd, Sydney.

  1. BulletDigital imaging.

  2. BulletWide range of photographic services.

  3. BulletDigital image manipulation and retouching.

  4. BulletGraphic design, digital artwork from concept to print.

  5. BulletPrinting liaison and consulting.

  6. BulletColour Management.

  7. BulletImaging consulting.

  8. BulletPhotography courses, digital imaging courses, workshops and field trips.

In addition to his commercial studio photography since establishing the above company, Leo has travelled extensively around the globe as freelance photographer working for book and magazine publishers and stock agencies worldwide.

To date Leo has photographed over 30 pictorial books, many of which necessitated epic journeys into some of the world’s most remote and wild regions.

He participated in an expedition to the wilderness of the island of Palawan in the Philippines and led a film crew through China for the production of a TV documentary and book about the Chinese Revolutionary Army under Mao Zedong.

In addition, Leo has contributed extensively to over 30 pictorial books, as well as to many national and international publications such as National Geographic, GEO, BBC, Focus, etc.

Other Involvements:

  1. BulletIn 1989 the Australian Government presented a photographic collection by Leo Meier to France as part of Australia’s contribution to celebrate the bicentenary of the French Revolution.

  2. BulletPhotography seminars for many institutions such as the Australian Museum.

  3. BulletExhibitions.

  4. BulletMember of judging panel, Sydney International Exhibition of Photography.

  5. BulletMember of the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration.

Leo’s collection of photographs is filed with the Corbis Picture Library and worldwide affiliated photo agencies.

During his career Leo Meier has established himself as one of Australia’s leading photographers. His prolific involvements and his love of learning have led him to accumulate an extensive knowledge spanning photography, graphic arts, printing and publishing. Over the years Leo has designed and built a variety of unique and specialised equipment, culminating in the production of a large format panorama camera, capable of producing images of world leading quality.

Leo's thirst for knowledge remains unquenched and he relishes the ongoing challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies.


Chief Photographer and Printing Liaison Officer with National Parks and Wildlife Service of NSW. Wide range of photographic services. Supervision of printing and publishing. Services to the graphic design and exhibits section. Teaching photography to staff and park rangers.


Co-founder and photography teacher, Fixed Images Photography School and Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney.


Teacher of photography at the Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington, Sydney.


University of New South Wales.

Manager of photography and printing units, providing services to the following schools:

Zoology, Marine Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Psychology, Biology, Biolaboratories, Electron Microscopy, Public Affairs Unit.

Services included:

Large variety of photographic services such as macro, micro, stereo, medical, aerial, underwater, repro, audio visual, location, scientific. Video services for biological sciences teaching. Collaboration with scientific research. Photography teaching.


Entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the world record holder for the longest boomerang throw (88.2m and return, orbital path 270m).


Ashley Young & Co. Pty Ltd, Sydney. Plate making, planning, repro photography, photomechanical services.


Smith & Miles Pty Ltd, Sydney. Photography, artwork, design, layout, typography and type setting, photo mechanical services, lithography, retouching, repro photography, photo lettering, optical prism lettering.


Rotor Press, newspaper and magazine publishers, Sydney. Lithography, photography, plate making, stripping and planning. Photographer at the Sydney Opera House.


Manager of printing division with Unicop, Sydney. Management of staff, customer liaison, photo type setting, photography, lithography, offset printing, book binding.


Typographer with Ernst Gloor, Zurich, Switzerland. Specialised typography and hand crafted hot metal lettering for international clientele.


Concluded professional training ranked top student and was awarded the prestigious Lüscher-Leber Prize (Swiss Publishing Industry Award, now Heidelberg Switzerland) for achieving the highest final examination results of his year in his profession.

1967 – 1971

Four year apprenticeship in typography/graphic arts with Kalt-Zehnder printing and publishing company in Switzerland. Training and studies included:

  1. BulletFour-year course in graphic arts at the Kunstgewerbeschule (school of arts) in Lucerne, Switzerland.

  2. BulletTypography, calligraphy, hot metal-, hand-, machine- and photo type setting.

  3. BulletPlanning, stripping and plate making for offset printing.

  4. BulletRepro photography and general photography.

  5. BulletDarkroom duties and photo-mechanical techniques.

  6. BulletPrinting (letterpress, platen, offset).

  7. BulletBookbinding (folding, collating, stapling, binding, foil stamping, scoring, etc.)

  8. BulletAirbrush retouching.