1. BulletUh oh! There is no going back – I’m hooked on digital photography! Thank you for being so inspiring.

  2. BulletI have thoroughly enjoyed the creative digital photography course – I now realise how much I don’t know, but what there is, what I can learn and that is very exciting! I am inspired!

  3. BulletThank you so much for an informative, interesting and entertaining photography course. It was a pleasure and I learnt so much from you.

  4. BulletThank you for an informative, entertaining and creative course. I am your sponge! Would love to hear of any courses you are running. Thanks.

  5. BulletExcellent content and presentation.

  6. BulletThank you sooo very much. You were a life saver. The PDF Tutorial was fabulous and so easy to understand. The ability it gave me to sharpen images was amazing.

  7. BulletI would like to thank you (cliché as it may sound) for restoring my sense of wonder at the absolute beauty of nature. I realised – through your passion – how caught up I’ve become over the inconsequential “stuff” of everyday living, perhaps not being mindful enough to find the time to appreciate the “things” that warm the soul. I know now that photography will be my vehicle to keeping alive that sense of wonder of the natural beauty surrounding us. Thank you for sharing your passion, your commitment and your wonderful morning teas. I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes and meeting you.

  8. BulletLearnt lots – better understanding of colour management, now also night photography and long exposures and use of lighting. Excellent!

  9. BulletIt is great to learn so much from someone so passionate about the subject. Thank you Leo.

  10. BulletThanks Leo, I really enjoyed this course!

  11. BulletGreat Course – learnt so much – feel really great after course.

  12. BulletThank you for sharing your passion for photography – you’re inspiring.

  13. BulletAwesome course!

  14. BulletYah – Excellent course – fabulous mentor – thanks Leo!

  15. BulletIn addition to its informational content the course was stimulating and inspiring.

  16. BulletCovered a lot of stuff in a short time – fabulous!

  17. BulletThanks for a great course.

  18. BulletYou have been very inspirational. Thank you.

  19. BulletI have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that I have learnt a lot. I’m inspired to continue along  a path hat I feel very passionate about.

  20. BulletLeo, fantastic course! Have two very jealous friends, thanks.

  21. BulletEnjoyed this course 100%. Thanks heaps Leo.

  22. BulletVery informative – loved the field trips.

  23. BulletThank you Leo, I have learnt so much and I’m thirsting for more. Thank you for your passion and willingness to share.

  24. BulletGreat course.Thanks a lot, Leo – you are inspirational.

  25. BulletVery worthwhile course.

  26. BulletGreat course! Loved the pre-dawn shoots and spinach quiche.

  27. BulletThoroughly enjoyed the course – it has got me really interested in photography. Thank you.

  28. BulletInspiring!

  29. BulletHad some wonderful feedback recently about your Photography class. Student was most impressed and inspired… and singing your praises.

  30. BulletGreat course – learnt lots!

  31. BulletExcellent!

  32. BulletThank you I have certainly enjoyed and learnt so much from this course. I have also learnt more about my camera and understand more terms and settings.

  33. BulletGreat to be here!